Box Office

So ya wanna see a show and need to get tickets?

For Tickets to 50 First Jokes CLICK HERE
For Tickets to Evil Dead: The Musical CLICK HERE

In addition, there are several different ways to get tickets and it depends on which show you want to see. Since The Bug rents to many different organizations, each will have it’s own ticketing option. While credit cards are accepted at the door for some of our shows, they are not accepted for all of them As our concessions stand is cash only, and some shows will not have credit cards as an option, it is always best to be prepared to pay by cash or check. Plus, we’re a small business, so save us from having to pay those fees!

Freak Train – Buy your tickets at the door! Sign up at 7:00, Show at 8:00. Tickets are $5 and cash/check/charge is accepted.

Equinox shows – One of our rental companies has it’s own website and a full box office through them. If you are looking for an Equinox show, click here to go to their site for ticketing.

Emerging Filmmakers – Any guesses? Yep – cash at the door. Tickets are $5 and cash/check/charge is accepted.

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