The Denver Nickel + Dime Animation Extravaganza

Spending another Friday night sorting your loose change? Put your dreams of fortune and glory on hold and come on down to The Denver Nickel + Dime Animation Extravaganza!

Bearver C. Rogers hosts Denver’s very own animation festival featuring 30 animated shorts from around the globe! Places you’ve possibly heard of like Germany, Israel, Spain, New York, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Hungary, Los Angeles, Ireland, France, and Colorado Springs!

Making appearances to rap with Bearver are animation directors Bill Plympton, Debra Solomon, Ross Bollinger (Pencilmation), Sabrina Cotugno, Graham Annable (Grickle), Jake Armstrong, Joy + Noelle, Eoin Duffy, Yotam Perel, Kent Leon Welling, Nacho Rodríguez, Brandon & Lisa Ray (Paper Brain Productions), and Tammy Chang.

Proceeds benefit Safehouse Denver.

If you can find something better to do let us know! We’d like to come along.

(Contains mature content. I.E. “naughty language” and “visuals of naughty extremities” and “naughty cartoon violence.”)

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